Technical resources

GAACE provides a number of technical resources and this page provides links to what is available. This page also describes how you can upgrade the firmware in your MIPS system.

All source code for the MIPS system and for the MIPS host application can be found on my github account here. You will also find a number of useful documents on this drive and we try to keep this up to date.

All MIPS updated firmware versions and host MIPS app install files can be found on my google drive here

All technical data for my products are available on this google drive

If you own a MIPS system and would like to upgrade the firmware to the most current version please visit this google dive. You will find details on how to install the MIPS host application and how to update the firmware.  You will also find the most current version of the firmware.

Here are a few useful documents that I have linked:

MIPS overview

MIPS operations manual

FAIMS operations manual

Filament operations manual