MicroStar Introduction

The web site contains information that will enable you to build your own custom radio control system. You will find technical information on this site as well as references to additional resources that will help you create your own system.

MicroStar Overview

Building a custom radio control transmitter requires two main electronics subsystems; an encoder to read the joystick signals and all the various switches and generate a signal to transmit this information, and an RF deck to send the information to the receiver. In addition a physical transmitter (case, switches, batteries, etc) is needed, generally builders are upgrading there favorite old systems using the MicroStar 2000 electronics found on this site.

MicroStar History

The MicroStar 2000 project started in 2000 with the initial encoder design. The first encoder was finished and flow in 2001 and has gone through continuos design upgrades and evolution. In addition to the encoder a number of other related designs are on this web site including a receiver. The main focus of all the designs on this site are radio control model aircraft.

MicroStar Contribute

The MicroStar project can use your help! There are a number of way you can contribute including adding technical information to this web site. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to add information to this site. Additionally your recommendations are welcome as well as your design updates to the systems. Check out the community page to see other ways you can help and to see the current team.

MicroStar Developer

The MicroStar project is NOT a commercial project! This is a hobby, largely managed by one person as a part time activity, as a result new developments and revisions are released as time is available. If you are looking for fully supported professional products then you are in the wrong place. This information is intended for the few modelers who are interested is doing something a little different!